Conscience is the boxing ring
in which good and bad are pitted against one another.
Guilt is the biased referee we keep on the payroll to mediate between our shoulds and should nots and to ensure that all fights are fixed before they even begin.

There has to be another way!
Since I started working with BreakThrough, there has been a deepening understanding that my own experience and exploration and looking inward are more relevant than any words or concepts the wise teachers impart.
– M. Jamieson
We spend so much of our lives chasing answers and looking for ourselves. For me BreakThrough allows us to ask the powerful questions of ourselves that reveal our authenticity and enable us to be in our hearts in the midst of all the conflict that arises in our world.
– T. O’Connor
Each BreakThrough session I have had has helped me to see a defensive or limiting habitual pattern I’ve been locked in, helping me to shift to a more open minded, freer and accepting way of being.
K. Budge
Every BreakThrough experience has resulted in a shift in perspective which has rippled through every aspect of my life & led to an ever-increasing sense of peace, clarity & compassion. Compassion not just for others… but most importantly – for myself.
– B. Manalo

Perhaps one of life’s
greatest lessons
is to unlearn.
Unlearning in no
way requires
Unlearning simply
requires seeing
the contents
of your mind
for what they are not:
a commentary on

Unlearning Tools

Our focus with BreakThrough is to support and nurture your process of self-inquiry. We all already have way too many answers. In BreakThrough we focus on discovering questions we have never thought to ask before, and then refining them. The best questions give birth to even better questions, even deeper, more curious ones, and before we know it we have stopped living on the surface of our lives. This is self-inquiry.

Because Breakthrough is a LifeScience modality under the umbrella of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), you will find our courses at bodytalksystem.com and paramacampus.com

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BreakThrough Instructors

Esther Veltheim
BreakThrough Creator & Senior Instructor

Esther is the Creator of the BreakThrough System and Co-Founder of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA). She resides in Europe and teaches BreakThrough internationally, both in-person and online.
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Terryann Nikides
Senior BreakThrough 1 Instructor

Terryann Nikides – BA Psych., CMT, Reiki Master, SrCBI, BrI, CBP, Parama BP has been an intuitive since childhood. She has had audience with the Dalai Lama and spiritual master Daskalos in Cyprus.
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Caroline Linton
BreakThrough 1 Instructor

Caroline is a BreakThrough 1 Instructor, PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner and Cranio Sacral Therapist. She teaches BreakThrough 1 classes internationally, both in-person and online
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Owyn Ruck
BreakThrough 1 Instructor

Owyn Ruck is an artist, teacher, and practitioner primarily focused on exploring the interwoven nature of the roles of Artist and Healer. Together, with her partner Damian, she runs Succurro — a refuge and meeting place in the Catskill Mountains. Here, she teaches BreakThrough 1, SourcePoint Therapy, astrology, and weaving.

Damian McCann
BreakThrough 1 Instructor

Damian McCann is an instructor of BreakThrough 1, SourcePoint Therapy, and The Franklin Method, and a PaRama BodyTalk practitioner. Together with his partner Owyn, he runs Succurro – a refuge and meeting place in the Catskill Mountains to share this work. Damian is from Cork, Ireland and is also a builder, woodworker, and drummer.
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    As little children we questioned everything.

    Therein lay wisdom. It has not disappeared.

    It simply needs room to express itself.

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