by Esther Veltheim


As the focus on self-care becomes more mainstream, increasing emphasis is given to personal growth and self-improvement. Among the vast array of courses available to us, BreakThrough’s orientation is quite unconventional and unfamiliar. This is because BreakThrough has nothing to do with self-improvement. On the contrary, BreakThrough is a deconstructive process.

But, what on earth does that mean?!!?

Think of it this way. It follows that the notion of self-improvement has to stem from, and go hand in hand with, the idea that “something about me needs improving.” In BreakThrough, we challenge such demanding, black-and-white notions. “Are you sure?!” “Is there something actually lacking about you?!”

BreakThrough has nothing to do with self-improvement. Instead of placing unrealistic, self-negating demands and goals upon ourselves, in BreakThrough we begin from a place of realistically looking at our lives and recognizing “Some things about life as I experience it really suck!” and “There are things about myself I just can’t stand!” In BreakThrough, we begin from here; the self-evident fact of our own direct experience. “My life is not a bed of roses!”

We do not begin with the presumption, “I know what I need! I need to improve! I need to change this! I need to stop that!” In BreakThrough, we rely only on our direct experience, not our stories about the experience. Big difference! Then, using the childlike wisdom of simple questions, we focus away from demanding, self-critical goals towards the task at hand: deconstructing the wall of black-and-white thinking that hides us from ourselves. In BreakThrough, curiosity is our guide and self-forgiveness our touchstone. This is BreakThrough … a way back home.