About BreakThrough

If you are struggling, uncertain and at odds with yourself, to any degree, the one thing you need not doubt is your impulse towards self-healing. No matter how self critical your thoughts might be, if you pay attention to what you are feeling – not your thoughts about your feelings – you will discover that in the presence of self-doubt and self-judgment there is absolutely no room for apathy. This is conflict’s secret power, it is the dispeller of apathy.

Wherever there is conflict, apathy cannot abide. In the total absence of apathy, alertness thrives, and where there is alertness, practical action is always possible. This describes the healing nature of conflict. If you are at odds with yourself, to any degree, you can be sure that the healing nature of conflict is at work. The trick is to recognize this and know how to maximize its potential. This is the work of BreakThrough.

The work we do in BreakThrough is all oriented around questioning. In essence, BreakThrough is a system designed to catalyze self-inquiry, something that is so often misunderstood. Answers are not at all our goal and neither are getting rid of anything or attaining anything the goal. On the contrary, we simply use the answers that come as catalysts to help us deepen and refine our questions. In this way we soon come upon questions we have never thought to ask ourselves before. And as this process deepens so do our questions and the conviction, “There is another way!” “There is something I can do to help myself!”.

It follows that when answers are not the goal and questions, again and again, bring the realization “I know nothing!” it is a liberating experience in the mind. With this shift in perspective, focus effortlessly and increasingly turns away from answer-oriented thinking. Simultaneously, a childlike expansiveness and joyfulness become the experience and this is reflected in your body and your whole experience of being.

This work will not eliminate the challenges or pains or messiness of life. What working with BreakThrough will do is free you from habitual, impractical, guilt-ridden responses to life. Life will not suddenly cease being messy and unpredictable, on the contrary. But the realizations that come with self-inquiry, all by themselves, with no effort on your part, will do all the work.

Gradually or fast the less ‘know it all’ your mind is the more liberated and receptive you are to alternatives. As you focus beyond your habitual mental ‘box’ of thinking habits, your mind starts being used more efficiently. Your actions happen with increasing spontaneity and at the same time your actions are more efficient, sensitive and practical vis á vis all of life’s challenges. Simply put, the more you work with BreakThrough the more fully human and engaged with life you will experience being.