by Ben Manalo

Back around 2003 when I first heard about BreakThrough, I had the mistaken impression that it was all about conflict resolution and uncovering belief systems. And, to be honest, even when I was teaching BreakThrough several years ago, I approached the work as if conflict resolution and beliefs were indeed its sole focus. In fact, many BodyTalk practitioners and instructors I’ve talked with still believe BreakThrough is just about uncovering belief systems. They liken it to The Work by Byron Katie or other classes that talk about “owning your stuff” or “being perfect.” But what Esther Veltheim has created in the BreakThrough system – especially with all the refinements to the protocol in the past year – goes far beyond that… much much much deeper than any of that. It is about so much more than conflict resolution and belief systems. To me, the study and practice of BreakThrough and the experience of being led through the BreakThrough Steps has been (and continues to be) nothing short of an in-depth master class in the mind-body connection.

One of the many things I find fascinating about BreakThrough is that it focuses on experiences we can all relate to: being stressed out about something, periods of non-stop worrying and thinking, blaming, judging, not being able to let go of something someone said or did, feeling guilty, imploding, suppressing emotions, and so on. And starting from this place, BreakThrough leads you step-by-step on a guided tour of your mind’s own defenses and lack of clarity, bringing them into your awareness, into your consciousness, pointing them out just like being on safari.

It’s like taking a tour of your hometown, somewhere you’ve lived your whole life and feel you know like the back of your hand, and then being shown the areas that aren’t healthy or functioning very well. But rather than getting depressed or upset about it, a part of you realizes that now you know about it – now you see it and are aware of it – now something can be done about it.

With BreakThrough, the mind becomes more aware of itself, aware of its own confusion and faulty logic and how it’s been acting in unhealthy and impractical ways. And since BreakThrough is consciousness-based healthcare in its own right, this increased self-awareness – consciousness – does all the work. The bodymind naturally and instinctively recalibrates and finds another way of being, a way that’s more healthy, more practical, more effective, more efficient, without you needing to make any effort at all.