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Our focus with BreakThrough is to support and nurture your process of self-inquiry. We all already have way too many answers. In BreakThrough we focus on discovering questions we have never thought to ask before, and then refining them. The best questions give birth to even better questions, even deeper, more curious ones, and before we know it we have stopped living on the surface of our lives. This is self-inquiry.

Because Breakthrough is a LifeScience modality under the umbrella of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), you will find our courses at bodytalksystem.com and paramacampus.com

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with one of our BreakThrough Instructors, either in-person or online

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7 Steps Intensives

Join Esther in deepening your understanding of the 7 Steps

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Take a self-study class

studying at your own pace from a series of classes given by our Breakthrough Instructors

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online with Esther Veltheim, the creator of the Breakthrough System

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Satsang with Esther

Discover questions you never thought to ask before

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Esther’s Books

Share in a seeker’s journey of self-inquiry using the deconstructive method

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