In this exclusive interview with Esther Veltheim, the visionary behind the BreakThrough System, we explore her transformative journey from personal struggles to assisting people through theirs. Esther reveals the pivotal moments and insights that shaped her unique approach to healing and personal growth. MysticMag has the pleasure.

Join MysticMag for an insightful conversation with Esther Veltheim, the visionary creator of the BreakThrough System. Discover how her personal battles and key encounters shaped this unique approach to self-inquiry and healing.

Journey and Challenges: Esther shares her journey from desperation to clarity, influenced by mentors like Ramesh Balsekar. Learn how the concept of the horizontal and vertical mind revolutionized her perspective.

BreakThrough System: Explore the BreakThrough System’s innovative approach, emphasizing collective self-inquiry and backwards reasoning to uncover and dissolve deep-seated beliefs.

Transformative Sessions: Get a glimpse into the spontaneous, personalized nature of BreakThrough sessions, where immediate issues are addressed with profound impact.

Classes and Learning: Find out how the 7-step process in Breakthrough 1 class helps participants reframe struggles and understand the mind’s true workings.

Success Stories: Hear about participants’ life-changing shifts, like one who experienced a profound change in how she viewed and interacted with her mother.

Motivation: Esther continues this work for her own growth and to help others embrace curiosity and transformation.

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